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Maître de conférences, Université Paris Diderot / Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu - Paris Rive Gauche, Paris, France
Postdoctoral researcher, ETH Zürich / D-MATH, Zürich, Switzerland
Supervised by Thomas Willwacher. Funded by ERC StG 678156—GRAPHCPX.
Doctorate in Mathematics, Université Lille 1 / Laboratoire Paul Painlevé, Lille, France
Funded by an Allocation Spécifique of the ENS. Defended on November 17th, 2017.
Advisor: Benoit Fresse. Title: Operadic Formality and Homotopy of Configuration Spaces.
Student of the École Normale Supérieure, ENS Paris / Département de Mathématiques et Applications, Paris, France
2014–2015: Research internship in preparation of a doctorate, Université Lille 1;
2013–2014: Master's degree in Fundamental Mathematics, Université Paris Diderot;
Fall 2013: Research internship in algebraic topology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Research (more info)


  1. Najib Idrissi. “Swiss-Cheese Operad and Drinfeld center”. In: Israel J. Math 221.2 (2017), pp.941–972. DOI: 10.1007/s11856-017-1579-7. arXiv:1507.06844. MR3704940, Zbl06808424.


  1. Najib Idrissi. Formality of a higher-codimensional Swiss-Cheese operad. 40 pages. Version 1. September 2018. arXiv:1809.07667
  2. Ricardo Campos, Julien Ducoulombier, Najib Idrissi, Thomas Willwacher. A model for framed configuration spaces of points. 27 pages. Version 1. Juillet 2018. arXiv:1807.08319
  3. Najib Idrissi. Curved Koszul Duality of Algebras over Unital Operads. 32 pages. Version 2. Août 2018. arXiv:1805.01853
  4. Ricardo Campos, Najib Idrissi, Pascal Lambrechts, Thomas Willwacher. Configuration Spaces of Manifolds with Boundary. February 2018. arXiv:1802.00716.
  5. Najib Idrissi. The Lambrechts–Stanley Model of Configuration Spaces. Version 3, in revision. Novembre 2016. arXiv:1608.08054.

Other documents

  1. Najib Idrissi. “Formalité opéradique et homotopie des espaces de configuration”. PhD Thesis. Université de Lille, 2017. 173 pages. URL.
  2. Najib Idrissi. “Opérades et Structures Commutatives à Homotopie Près”. In: Graduate J. Math. 1.1 (2016), pp.9–17. URL.
  3. Najib Idrissi. “Homologie et complexe de déformations d’opérades $E_n$“. Master’s thesis. Université Paris Diderot, 2014.


Peer reviews.
Lett. Math. Phys.; Proc. Edinb. Math. Soc.; Proc. Roy. Soc. Edinburgh Sect. A
Writing of abstracts for Zentralblatt MATH (list).
One of the organizers of the Topology Seminar, Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu-Paris Rive Gauche, Paris, France.
Participation to the organization of the introductory day for young researchers, 2017 Colloquium of the Algebraic Topology GDR, Paris, France
One of the organizers of the Doctoral Students' Seminar, Université Lille 1 – Laboratoire Paul Painlevé, Lille, France


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