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From January to June 2019, I organized a reading seminar on homological stability and the works of Galatius–Kupers–Randal-Williams with Mario Gonçalves Lamas following an idea of Muriel Livernet.

For the “Grandes Écoles” competitive entrance exams in 2011, I wrote a tiny program to find minimal surfaces with fixed boundary. It’s not very mature, it doesn’t work all the time and it’s not well-documented, but it is available here. To compile it, install OCaml, OCamlBuild, and the OpenGL libraries for OCaml. Then run ocamlbuild main.native. Controls are rudimentary: SPC to start/stop, left-click and scroll to move around, right-click to choose one of the four predefined boundaries, s to swap between full and hollow. You then get images like this:

Enneper surface
Enneper surface.
Weird tetrahedron
Weird tetrahedron.

I absolutely do not guarantee that the program is correct. The surfaces found do resemble the theoretical ones, but I do not have a mathematical proof that they are the right ones.

I am active on MathOverflow and Math StackExchange.

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