New design #blog

Hi! You may have noticed the new URL and the new design. Now everything (my home page + my blog) is in one place, powered by Hugo and its Academic theme. I was a bit fed up with Jekyll and its long building times, and I wanted something a bit more streamlined. The Academic theme is complete and easy to use; it took me about one hour to setup the new blog, and one hour to migrate the blog posts to the new format (most of which was spent trying to work out the interactions between Mathjax and the Markdown format… I settled on shortcodes, like in this article). Building a whole website from scratch was fun, but time-consuming, and a theme seemed like an okay compromise.

New Domain Name #blog

Maybe you (I don’t know who reads this anyway) haven’t noticed, but this blog has a new URL: operad.fridrissi.eu! I splurged and got a domain name. The blog is (for now) still accessible via the old GitHub URL, but this may change at some point… Maybe more details on this later.

Update: And now the old Github URL shouldn’t work anymore. Hehe.