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I have finished translation my notes for my Peccot Lecture to English. They have also been expanded, with a lot more new content. For the time being, you can find the notes here. They have been submitted for publication. I would like to thank again all the people who supported me (see the PDF file for names 😉).

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Update: The videos are now available on the Collège de France’s website! Please go there for the third lecture and there for the fourth lecture.

As some of you may know I was one of the people chosen this year to give a Peccot lecture at the Collège de France (see my first post about it). And as you all know for sure, normal life came to a halt a couple of months ago when the number of COVID-19 cases exploded in France (and the world) and the French government ordered a lockdown. While I was able to give my first two lectures before the lockdown started, the last two had to be postponed.

Thankfully, the number of cases is now diminishing and the lockdown is progressively being lifted. I was thus able to record my third lecture yesterday; it should appear online in a few days. The experience was somewhat surreal: I gave a two-hour lecture to a large classroom that was completely empty except for the cameraman and me. I had to give some online classes during the lockdown, but even then there was a certain sense of interactivity, whereas I was almost literally talking to wall yesterday, which was a bit destabilizing. But still, I’m happy that I was able to record the lecture, and I’d like to thank the Collège de France again for the opportunity! The current situation is extremely difficult for everyone, and I’m not the worst one off: it’s a very small sacrifice in the face of the public health crisis.

I hope people will still find it interesting and that the video will not feel too strange. I could not take questions during the lecture, obviously, but I will be happy to answer any you might have via email.

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I am finishing to prepare my Peccot Lectures that start next week. I have prepared a small animation to illustrate the Fulton–MacPherson compactification using Blender, and I think it’s relatively neat! I am not a 3D artist, obviously, but (with oral explanations) I think it explains the concept better than drawing on the board, since drawing moving 3D pictures is not an easy task… The animation is available here, and here it is in all its glory:

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Peccot Lecture #math #peccot Discuss

Yesterday I received a letter from the Collège de France. I have been selected to give this year a Peccot Lecture, which “rewards each year young mathematicians under 30 who have been noticed in theoretical or applied mathematics” 😃. This is of course a great honor and I am very grateful! I still have to determine what the lecture will be about, but hopefully something about operads and configuration spaces. Together with my graduate course on homotopy theory, next semester will be interesting, teaching-wise!