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Exam Template for Pandoc

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Like many people, I have been teaching online for some time now. In order to help students get an idea of how well they understand the material, I have been giving them and grading weekly homework (keep in mind that it is not common in French…

The action of the orthogonal group on the sphere is not formal

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In this post, I record a simple and probably well-known fact; but since I have to remake the computation again and again (because I forget it...) I thought it would be nice to have it in an accessible place. The fact is that for an odd , the usual…

Template for letters in LaTeX

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Several people have asked me for my LaTeX template to write letters, so I guess I might as well put it up on my webpage. It uses the scrlttr2 package. I think the markup is relatively self-explanatory. The template expects a copy of your signature…

arXiv2BibLaTeX: Create a BibLaTeX entry from arXiv

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tl;dr: /a2b to get a .bib from arXiv entries. Update May 19th, 2021: New URL. Have you ever wanted to create a bib entry from an arXiv preprint? There are a few tools available, including one provided by arXiv (click on "NASA ADS" in the…

Peccot lecture & COVID-19

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Update : The videos are now available on the Collège de France's website! Please go there for the third lecture and there for the fourth lecture . As some of you may know I was one of the people chosen this year to give a Peccot lecture at the…

Braid video

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Thursday I'm giving a talk at the online Toric Topology research seminar . (I was supposed to go there in person, but you can probably expect, the current pandemic made that impossible.) So I took the opportunity to prepare a little illustration to…

First Peccot lecture

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Yesterday was my first Peccot lecture ! I think it went okay. The video is going to be available soon on this webpage . I mainly talked about the background for my course: what are configuration spaces, why do we care about them, what do we know…

Animated illustration of the Fulton-MacPherson operad

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I am finishing to prepare my Peccot Lectures that start next week. I have prepared a small animation to illustrate the Fulton--MacPherson compactification using Blender, and I think it's relatively neat! I am not a 3D artist, obviously, but (with…

Peccot Lecture

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Yesterday I received a letter from the Collège de France. I have been selected to give this year a Peccot Lecture , which " rewards each year young mathematicians under 30 who have been noticed in theoretical or applied mathematics " 😃. This is of…

Lecture Notes for the course "Homotopy Theory"

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This summer I've started to compile lecture notes for my class on homotopy theory in January/February. They are heavily inspired by Grégory Ginot's lecture notes from last year on the same subject, although I've reorganized them a bit; in…

Faculty in France over the past 20 years

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Recently the French ministry for Higher Education and Research released some data on demographics among lecturers and professors in France . I was proctoring an exam yesterday and couldn't do anything too mentally taxing (because students might…

New University of Paris

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It's official: the new University of Paris is born! For the moment, Paris Diderot University still exists, but it will merge with Paris Descartes and the new university on January 1 st , 2020; the IPGP will remain a legally separate entity. (Yes, it…