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The Milnor–Moore Theorem

Published .  algtop  math

This post is about the Milnor--Moore theorem, a powerful tool describing the structure of (co)commutative Hopf algebras. Like the Eckmann--Hilton argument , it shows that having multiple compatible operations on the same object can lead to…

Paper Accepted!

Published .  operads  paper

My first article has been accepted for publication with minor revisions! Entitled "Opérades et structures commutatives à homotopie près" (yes, it's in French), it will appear in the Graduate Student Mathematical Diary , edited by the Mediterranean…

Acyclic Models

Published .  algtop  math

The theorem(s) of acyclic models are a rather powerful technique for proving that some functors defined on truncated chain complexes can be extended in higher dimensions, and that two such functors are homotopic, by proving it on a small class of…

About Abelian Bimodules

Published .  algtop  math  operads

This post is about something somewhat weird I noticed about infinitesimal bimodules over operads and their relationships with some operads. I don't know if it's something significant, and I'd definitely be interested to hear more about it. Context…

The Eckmann–Hilton Argument

Published .  algtop  math

As promised, this post is about the famous Eckmann--Hilton argument . This argument, on the surface, looks like a simple algebraic trick; but it has deep consequences, which I will now try to explain. This post is an expanded version of a math.SE…