Faculty in France over the past 20 years


(Update 2021) With the switch to React, this chart doesn’t work anymore; I will try to make it work with React but I cannot really give any ETA.

Recently the French ministry for Higher Education and Research released some data on demographics among lecturers and professors in France. I was proctoring an exam yesterday and couldn’t do anything too mentally taxing (because students might cheat :) so I compiled the data in a somewhat interactive chart. You can select which groups you want to see, and whether you only want to see lecturers (MCF), professors (PR) or both. You can also normalize the data so that each section starts at 100 in 1998, to compare the evolutions. I might add the total of the two later, but I fear I’ve already wasted enough time on this… Here it is:

Let me know if something doesn’t display correctly or if you find errors. The raw data is available here. The data is only for 1998, 2003, 2008, 2013, and 2018. In principle, the older files on the ministry’s website should allow to have more data, but I wasn’t courageous enough to do it all by hand, or to extract it automatically from the “open data” website. Note that the data is not available for section 1 – there is an error on the government’s website, the PDF links to section 3.