The ical-ufr project


For the past couple of months, I have been working on a side project with several colleagues from my department. In short, it’s a web interface to our university’s timetable system, the (infamous) ADE. For various reasons, we, the staff, are forbidden from accessing ADE, even though it is the authoritative source about where and when classes will happen. Instead, we had to rely on the secretaries exporting PDFs with the timetables and making them accessible on websites spread all around the university’s domains. There could be last minute changes to the tables, which were of course not reflected in already-exported PDFs, and However, following the impetus set forth by a colleague, we gained access to the API (programmatic interface) of ADE and could thus cook our own timetables. Here they are in all their glory:

First screenshot of the application

Second screenshot of the application

Credit where credit is due, I was mainly in charge of the web interface of the project, written in React (just like the website you are currently reading). The project as a whole is managed by Pascal Molin, and the Python backend was written by Frédéric Han. The project was launched by Yves Capdeboscq. Its source is freely accessible on our university’s Gitlab instance: and the live version is available at