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Select-Exams.ps1: a script to extract exams from a multi-page PDF

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With online teaching, I have to find ways to make many processes go faster, as otherwise teaching takes an inordinate amount of time compared to traditional teaching (and my salary doesn't change...). I have already written about automating exam…

Notes for my Peccot lecture, "Real Homotopy of Configuration Spaces"

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I have finished translation my notes for my Peccot Lecture to English. They have also been expanded, with a lot more new content. For the time being, you can find the notes here . They have been submitted for publication. I would like to thank…

Exam Template for Pandoc

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Like many people, I have been teaching online for some time now. In order to help students get an idea of how well they understand the material, I have been giving them and grading weekly homework (keep in mind that it is not common in French…

Peccot lecture & COVID-19

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Update : The videos are now available on the Collège de France's website! Please go there for the third lecture and there for the fourth lecture . As some of you may know I was one of the people chosen this year to give a Peccot lecture at the…

First Peccot lecture

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Yesterday was my first Peccot lecture ! I think it went okay. The video is going to be available soon on this webpage . I mainly talked about the background for my course: what are configuration spaces, why do we care about them, what do we know…

Animated illustration of the Fulton-MacPherson operad

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I am finishing to prepare my Peccot Lectures that start next week. I have prepared a small animation to illustrate the Fulton--MacPherson compactification using Blender, and I think it's relatively neat! I am not a 3D artist, obviously, but (with…

Lecture Notes for the course "Homotopy Theory"

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This summer I've started to compile lecture notes for my class on homotopy theory in January/February. They are heavily inspired by Grégory Ginot's lecture notes from last year on the same subject, although I've reorganized them a bit; in…