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Paper accepted in Inventiones!

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My second paper, The Lambrechts--Stanley Model of Configuration Space , has been accepted for publication in Inventiones Mathematicae ! This is a great honor and I am very happy. The refeereing process was a bit above average (14 months for the…

Defense, postdoc, new paper

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Many changes have happened in my life recently! I defended my doctorate on November 17th. I guess I'm a doctor now! There are too many people to thank for that, so please see the "Thanks" section of my thesis. I am now entering the scary world of…

A Model for Configuration Spaces of Closed Manifolds

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Last week I was at the Max Planck Institute for the Conference for Young researchers in homotopy theory and categorical structures (which was, by the way, a great conference -- thanks to the organizers), and I gave yet another talk about the…

Configuration Spaces Woes

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I've been neglecting this blog a lot. Juggling research, teaching, organizing a seminar, and a personal life leaves little time for writing articles! (Wait, isn't that the same complaint as last time?) Most prominently I've been spending a lot of…

Paper: The Lambrechts–Stanley Model of Configuration Spaces

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I have uploaded a new preprint, The Lambrechts--Stanley Model of Configuration Spaces , which you can find on arXiv . Here is the abstract: We prove the validity over ℝ of a CDGA model of configuration spaces for simply connected manifolds with…