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Formality of a higher codimensional Swiss-Cheese operad accepted in Algebraic & Geometric Topology

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My paper, "Formality of a higher codimensional Swiss-Cheese operad" , has just been accepted for publication in Algebraic & Geometric Topology ! This paper is part of my effort to try and apply rational homotopy theoretical methods to the…

First Article Accepted!

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My paper Swiss-Cheese operad and Drinfeld center has finally been accepted! It is going to appear in the Israel Journal of Mathematics . I've made the few corrections suggested by the referee (the new version is available on the arXiv ), and I'm…

The Voronov Product of Operads

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My first real post in a while! It turns out that writing an actual paper (cf. previous blog post) takes a lot of time and effort. Who knew? The Voronov product of operads is an operation introduced by Voronov in his paper The Swiss-cheese operad…