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Higher Structures at the CIRM

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This week I am at the Centre international de rencontres mathématiques (CIRM) in Luminy. I am attending and speaking at the "Higher Structures" conference . The whole event is wonderful! I hope I am not too out of place among the big names in the…

Young Topologists Meeting 2016

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This week I was at the Young Topologists Meeting ! It's gotten even bigger than two years ago, as there were more than 180 participants this year. The conference was quite interesting, and Copenhagen is a really nice city! The main theme was…

Talk at ETH Zürich

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Last week I was invited by Thomas Willwacher to ETH Zürich for a few days, during which I also had the opportunity to give a talk at the "Talks in Mathematical Physics" seminar. It was a very interesting few days, and I'm very grateful for this…