Graph Complexes, Configuration Spaces and Manifold Calculus @ University of British Columbia (Vancouver)

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Title: Configuration Spaces of Manifolds with Boundary.

We study the real homotopy type of configuration spaces of smooth compact manifolds with boundary. We built combinatorial model based on graph complexes for these configuration spaces. We have three different approaches: 1. the Swiss-Cheese operad naturally acts on colored configurations in the manifold, and we build models using Willwacher’s graphical model for this operad; 2. the collection of configurations in a collar around the boundary of the manifold is naturally endowed with a homotopy associative algebra structure, by gluing, which naturally acts on the collection of configurations of the whole manifold, and we build models for this action; 3. under dimensionality and connectivity assumptions, we provide a small model inspired by the Lambrechts–Stanley model for configuration spaces of closed manifolds.

Joint work with Ricardo Campos, Pascal Lambrechts, and Thomas Willwacher